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A new start for an old Ranger

Posted by Augon on January 1, 2014 at 10:10 PM

Vitrin sighed as his foot stepped on to the deck the air ship, Winter’s Den. He paused briefly and looked around at the deserted upper deck. He hadn’t spent much time here lately. Not since achieving Master. It seemed the Pale One, Allaric had taken his place in the groups while Vitrin hung back and considered the next phase of his life. Now Allaric himself had reached Master. He seemed to be much more comfortable with this achievement than Vitrin.


Vitrin strolled across the deck of the ship and sighed once again as he swung open the door to the lower decks. From the first level he could hear the activity down below, a sharp contrast to the quiet serenity of the upper deck. He stopped by the mailbox before going below to the tavern and his friends. Nothing much in the mail except a few payments from the Auction House.


“G’day, Master Vitrin.” Hoakgore said with a large grin. “Where have you been hiding? The Master’s Celebrations must last extra long for you elves.”


Vitrin Grinned back. “Greetings, Hoakgore.” Vitrin said as he patted his friend on the shoulder and the two stepped down the ramp to the lower level.


In contrast to the silence of the upper deck, the lower room was full of activity. Llordvader was busily working the Auction House to find the perfect new gear. A couple of Druid wolf pets and one skelly were beating on the training dummy like there was no tomorrow. Angies and Lauranae were speaking to Marle ir’Khirbit, the Ship Banker. Vitrin spied the Drow Allaric, his long white hair draped over his pale grey skin, standing in the corner with a couple other pale masters; Bocee and Northern Girl . . . er . . . er boy. Vitrin smiled at himself. Dead or not, that certainly does not look like a boy to him.


Amid the tables in the center, Vitrin noticed an empty chair and moved over to sit down next to Tamrus, Aaslynn, and Hether.


“Well met” greeted Tamrus, a fellow Ranger.


“Hola!” Hether offered the greeting of a far away culture that Vitrin was never sure how to respond to. So he just smiled and took his seat.


“Greetings, all” said Vitrin.


Jeereekee stepped into the room. He grabbed an empty chair and carried it over to their table.


“Hey everyone!” he exclaimed in his usual happy go lucky manner.


The friends talked as friends do, jumping from subject to subject quickly and discussing everything from the latest politics, past adventures, and future possibilities. Vitrin listened more than he talked. His mind was elsewhere. Finally, Hether looked at him in concern.


“Vitrin, is something wrong?”


With that, the others quit talking and looked at the elf. They had all sensed it, Hether was just the first to voice it. Something was not right with their friend. Vitrin looked around the table then around the room. There was something wrong. He just wasn’t sure if he could explain it. And it really didn’t seem to be anything that they could help him with. He just didn’t feel right.


After an uncomfortable pause, Vitrin said, “I don’t know. Something isn’t right.”


“That much is obvious my friend,” said Tamrus. “Now perhaps you can share with your friends what that might be.”


Tamrus never was one to beat around the bush.


“Achieving Master, was a dream. A dream I finally achieved, but I just don’t feel the way I expected to feel. I look back on my journey to get here and I feel that there were so many things I could have done different. Things I could have done better. Have you ever felt like . . . have you ever wished you could do it again?”


His friends nodded their understanding as Vitrin sipped from his cup before continuing.


“Before I move on to the next phase, I sometimes wish I could do it all over again. Do it better.”


Vitrin took another sip. The others were in thought, not sure how to respond when a raspy voice from the next table interjected.


“You know, you can.”


Vitrin and the others looked over to the voice. It belonged to Darkgeddy Lee.


“You can start over. I’ve done it. Ive done it many times.” He trailed off and paused briefly in thought, as if running those times through his head. “It’s a different journey each time, son. Sometimes that’s good, sometimes that’s bad.”


Darkgeddy swallow down the last of his tankard, stood up with a final glance at Vitrin and then vanished.


“He’s an odd sort,” Jeer stated after a moments pause.






A week passed. Vitrin strolled down the streets of the harbor. Feeling a bit thirsty he stepped into the Wayward Lobster for a drink. As he sat down, the serving wench (what an unfortunate title, thought Vitrin) asked him what he wanted to drink. After ordering a Ghallanda Distilate and a grilled turkey leg, he leaned back in his chair and glanced around the room. As the serving wench sat his drink on the table, a shadow fell across Vitrin and a large hand dropped some coins on the table.


“This one’s on me.”


Vitrin looked up to see Augon standing beside him.


“And bring me one as well.”


Augon sat down across from his long time friend. Vitrin had known Augon longer than anyone in The Pack. They had belonged to a guild together many years ago. When Vitrin fell out of favor with the guild leader and was kicked out, Augon supported him and, along with several others, left the guild as well. In an adventure at the Irestone Inlet, Augon met Hether who invited him into the Wulfepack. Vitrin joined another guild around that same time. When Vitrin’s guild folded, Augon invited him to join the Wulfepacke. There the two friends found a home.


“So tell me, what’s new in your life?” Augon asked.


“Augon, what do you know about Darkgeddy Lee?”


“He’s an odd sort.”


“Yeah, Jeer would agree with you on that.”


Vitrin went on. “But do you know him well.”


“I’m not sure many do. He seems to change with the wind. Why do you ask?”


Vitrin paused. And without answering the question, he asked one of his own.


“Have you ever wanted to do it all over again?”


“Oh, so that’s what this is about.” Augon said. “Are considering what I think you’re considering?”


Vitrin took a drink. The serving wench brought him his chicken and he took a few bites in silence.


After several moments, Augon broke the silence, “Have you spoken to the Guild Leader?”


“Blime? Why?”


“I doubt anyone knows Darkgeddy Lee as well as Blime. I doubt anyone knows about what you are considering as well as Darkgeddy.”


Vitrin didn’t reply.


“Know this my friend. If you decide to go forward with this, I will help you anyway I can."


“Have you ever considered starting over?” Vitrin asked.


Augon stood up. Many years of fighting and training showed through in the large muscles and commanding presence of this veteran warrior.


“No. Weakness is not something that appeals to me.”


“Talk to Blime." he continued, "And then come to me and let me know how I can help.”







Vitrin stepped off the dusty streets of the Marketplace through the doors of the non-descript building . The noise and bustle of the city miraculously replaced by the dark quiet of the Hall of Heroes. He walked up to the fountain and felt the cool wter splash his face and arms as he glanced around at the statues honoring the heroes of the past.


“Would heroes of the future see statues of him and his friends,” he wondered.


To his right a particular statue caught his attention. A female ranger holding her bow high in the air in victory. After several moments. Vitrin turned and continued through the Hall toward his destination.


True to his word, Augon came through. He helped Vitrin gather the ingredients to make a magical helm that would aid him on his new journey. More importantly, Augon fought many demons and Devils to obtain the Tokens of the twelve necessary to buy the True Heart of Wood Vitrin now grasped tightly in his hand.


At the other end of the Hall of Heroes he stoped in front a door flanked by two columns. He paused. Over the years, Vitrin had faced and defeated Ogres, wizards, dragons, even demons and devils. He had bravely confronted beasts that only reside in nightmares. But on this day, his knees weakened as he prepared to confront the greatest of foes, Change.


His hand laid upon the door handle and with a gentle push he entered Reincarnation Grove.







Vitrin awakens.


What a dream he had!


His mind is cloudy.






Terrible noise.




Terrible . . . Terrified screams!


“Man! Come on!” Screams a ruddy, wet, dirty sailor.


Vitrin looks blankly at the man. He cannot seem to get his wits together as quickly as normal.


“Come on! Now. Grab your bow and come on. We are under attack!!!”


Vitrin stood up. He noticed that he was not wearing his own armor for some reason. In fact the armor he had on was some cheap low grade leather armor. If one of these hoodlums stole his Parasitic armor, they would pay. He reached for his trusty bow but it too was not to be found. He saw a simple wooden long bow propped up next to his bed.


“Probably Jeereekee hid his bow as a joke. That little rogue!”


He heard a loud thud and many screams. This will have to do, time to get the show on the road and show these sailors what a Master Arcane Archer can do.


As he opened the door to the upper deck he heard a sailor exclaim, “Dragon!”


The sailor who had awakened him was next to door. “Well its about time! Do you know how to use that thing?”


The man standing next to the first sailor said, “Bud, you don’t even have any arrows.”


Vitrin had not even realized his quiver was empty. No worries, he waved his arms and said the words to summon his Arcane arrows. Both sailors looked at him in annoyance when he reached to his quiver to discover its continued emptiness.


One of the sailors shoved a bundle of wooden arrows at Vitron, “Here! You do realize the pointy end goes toward the dragon.”


The sailors’ laughter was short-lived as the dragon had made another loop and was approaching the ship again.


Vitrin slipped the arrows into his quiver and grabbed four in his right hand as he had done many times. But as he tried to notch them all, the whole bunch came apart in his hands and fell to the ground. If the sailors had been annoyed with the elf before, their annoyance reached epic proportions now.


“What are you doing!?” Do you think you’re some kind of Master Archer or something? We need arrows in that dragon, not on the deck! Just try to get one arrow off so it at least appears you’re trying to help! Or should I just feed you to the dragon as a peace offering?”


Vitrin couldn’t respond because right about that time the dragons cold breath hit the ship. Several sailors’ screams came abruptly to an end as the dragon swerved back into the air to prepare another assault.


Vitrin pulled a single arrow out of his leather quiver. Notched it in his wooden long bow, drew back and shot just as the dragon was turning. The arrow struck true, but it was barely a pin prick to such a mighty beast. Enraged, the dragon flew right at the ship, cold air blasted as the mighty claws ripped the ship. The last thing Vitrin remembers is falling… and the cold.







Vitrin awakens on a beach surrounded by flotsam. Again he is groggy and lies in the wet sand a moment to try to get his bearings.


He hears a voice.


“Can you move?” the voice says.


After a moment he opens his eyes and looks around.


“Your awake,” the high pitched, undeniably Halfling, voice announced. “Hoy, your not undead are you?”


Vitrin looks at the wreckage around him and the Halfling standing near him. He has no bow. No arrows. No magic. No longer a Master.


“What have I done?”



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