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2014 Sept

Posted by Blime on September 11, 2014 at 4:40 PM

My plan is to provide a guild leader letter every quarter so that we can track our progress and to let everyone know what the Leadership of the guild is thinking and the direction we are headed. So my next one will be in early 2015.


Active Accounts: 79

In Active Accounts: 34

Guild Account Size: 46

Renown Total: 21,607,164

Guild Lvl: 75


Guild Bank:


Plat: 211,829

Shards: 378


Wanting to buy at our level:


Dance Hall – 180 Shards – Will purchase this week

Throne Room – 180 Shards – Will purchase this week

Grand Reliquary Upgrade – 275 Shards (can’t do till LVL 85)




Our primary goal is that we have fun while playing. If there is any problems please let any officer or myself know.


We would also like to move the guild towards doing more raids. The leadership has discussed this many times and we have tried many things but it does not seem to be happening. At our last meeting it was decided that what we would like to do is the following:


• Try to get as many members in the guild to epic lvls. This is the main goal for this quarter.

• We would ask that you try to keep one Character at the higher lvls (25+) to be used for raids.

• We will not focus on doing raids at level as it was decided the fun and challenge of learning the raids plus the loot is enough to allow us to forgo the XP.

• The raids that we will focus on first is:

o Fall of Truth – Everyone needs Heroism Comms to upgrade armour and CITW weapons

o Demon Queen – Just because not many of us have done it.

• We will also continue to do:

o Chronoscope Epic – Naked at times

o Tempest spine – Naked at times

o Shroud – For greensteel


Another goal is to add to our ranks. This will allow us to have enough members to do the raids above. We encourage people to PUG (Pick UP Groups) especially at lower levels to see if there are any candidates to join us. We would suggest that anyone posting an LFM that has at least 2 members in the group to add the words “Come run with The Wulfepack” to their LFM. This is a subtle add that we hope will get us more recognition.


The last thing is we are always looking for ideas to have fun. In the past we have had a trivia night, fashion show, various writing contests (thanks Betsy), Find the Blime etc. Let an officer know if you have any ideas.

Thanks for reading and I will see you all in the game.


Blime, Lakeside, Toasthead, DarkGeddy, and Youburn

AKA Lino


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Reply metricton
7:32 PM on September 11, 2014 
Lets have fun, slay the dragons , and get the treasure!