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The Winter's Den part 1

Posted by Tamrus on December 8, 2014 at 2:50 PM

In the days after the opening of the Rift Between Worlds, many people we frightened of the new gateway that allowed people from Ebberon to travel to Faurûn and vice versa. People were worried about new dangers and potential threats. Heroes stepped forth from both sides of the rift to battle these new foes and face new perils. Durring this time some old adversaries were ignored. Perhaps they were deamed unworthy or maybe just less dangerous. Whatever the reason, the pirates of Three Barrel Cove became bold and sought to capitalize on the opportunities the distraction that Lolth and Netheril created.

The Wulfepack was called upon to travel to Barrels Bottom and address the threats posed by the pirates. Blime, Alpha Wulfe and Leader of the Pack, assembled his officers and held a meeting to seek their council on how best to aproach this. The officers meetings were always aboard the Winter's Den, the guilds airship. As Blime instructed the pilot, Anceia, to make stops around the various spires in Stormreach to pick up some of their commrades, he noticed the ship seemed very still and quiet. He picks up a small bell shaped horn attached to a tube and speaks into it.

"Janta, is everything alright?" The device carries his voice down into the engine room where it is amplified to be heard over the noise. Janta shakes his head and bustles over to the call horn and yanks it down from it's hook.

"She's gonna blow sir! Taker' down or we're all gonna DIE!!!" Laughing a little at the end, he was unable to contain his merth and Blime comes back over the horn sounding less than amused.

"Very funny Janta. I'm being serious. I can't tell if she's running right."

"That's the point! This bird runs so smooth you can't even tell she's off the ground until you swallow a pixie. Now if you haven't got anything else for me I'll be getting back to work." Janta tosses the horn back on it's hook and zips back over to a table where dozens of small parts are arranged across it in neat and orderly rows. Snapping his fingers rappidly, he mumbles to himself as he resumes his assembly of a particularly intricate piece of machinery.


After several brief stops at spires throughout Stormreach, the officers are assembled on the deck of the Winter's Den. Blime begins to pace in the middle of the deck not saying a word. Not all the officers are in attendance but enough to make a decision, Blime would often hold small meetings for certain matters aside from the regular monthly meetings. This being one of these emergencies only those being called upon for help are present: Vergennes, with her bow tucked away, does more flirting durring these meetings than actual discussion. Zolta with her ever-changing hair color and constant strive for action will push for anything that gets her attention. Herrdoctor sits quietly, never coming forward to be noticed but never missing out on anything in case it might be beneficial to him. Hethar is also quiet. She has always stayed back to listen but occasionally speaks on important concerns. Taheghi sits grumbling on a bench. Sometimes you can make out his low gruff voice but for the most part the dwarven warpriest hasn't much nice to say. Fairfield is rambling on to some of the others, holding more attention then Blime at the moment. Though not talking on any particularly important topic, he tends to gab on about his love for music and if Lakeside were here neither would accomplish anything besides keeping each other entertained. Jeereekee, making jabs at Fairfields clothes and demienor, has always been able to brake up the tension felt among the officers durring these tense times. His classy style and dapper outfit (complete with top hat and tails) does not portay his true nature as a stealthy and effective spy and assassin. A large winter wolf sits towards the side railing of the ship. Looking rather out of place to an outsider but actually feeling quite at home among his pack, Amerigin is one of the guilds druids. All members of the wulfepack have the spirit of the wulfe but few channel it so purely as he. Lauranae came aboard but after a brief salute to Blime proceeded below deck. Only interested in helping to fight, all know that whatever trouble the pack finds they will need her there. Besides, she would rather spend her time below deck with her friends Rojar and Gragedor who are taking turns destroying the everspawning training dummy. (It is advised that when either of these two arrive on the ship that you not stand too close to the dummy as they both wield huge great axes and have been known to accidently hit each other; which only makes them laugh and continue to pound on the poor bundle of wood and straw. Lauranae will often stand near them with a healing aura active for such occasions.) Lastly comes Vihn. Second in command of the Wulfepack, she is the stubborn and cynical side to balance Blime's leadership, who is often too quick to action, leaving some important matters to Vihn to decide and rushes off to the fight. With a thick accent she speaks up as Blime continues to pace. "The boss's called us tahgether te decide what te do abou'e te blood tide and all te pira'es in Barrel's Bo'um. There's ben talk of airships massin there an' te Coin Lords don'e like ih'. We've been asked to send a group ovarr thar an figur ou' te problem." When she is done speaking she take a step back and pops a root into her mouth and chews on it, listening.

Zolta speaks almost immediatly, "What are we waiting for. Lets get underway. We've dealt with these pirates many times in the past. We'll fly in there and kick their butts (flourishing her WEAPON) and be back in the salty wench for a drink in no time.

"It's not that simple." Blime finally speaks. "We're fast enough to get in but our ship has no weapons and only moderate armoring."

Janta pops up from a small access port in the deck, his glasses slightly askew. "He's right. I just got the primary attitude controlls aligned and don't feel like taking this floating bathtub through a guantlet for her test flight."

Amerigin speaks sounding like an old man though it would be hard to guess his age in his wolf form. "The wind has brought word of orc and hobgoblin pirates cutting down the trees of Three Barrel Cove and building siege weapons with them. We must go to their rescue but caution would be advised."

Vergennes, who has been whittling on a peice of soarwood the whole time, stands up and with a fierce expression boasts confidently, "Since when have we been concerned about danger in the past. We are more than a match for those dirty cutthroats. We can fly in there hot and fast, drop a group in the middle of them and pull out of there before they could get a shot off. Why they probably don't even know how to shoot their new siege weapons. The only thing I've ever seen them do is dance around and try to stab you in the back." With a sudden change of expression she turns to Herrdoctor, "No offense love." (wink)

The doctor is less than amused and without a word leaves the deck and finds a place to sit below. Never concerned with risking his neck for anyone but himself, he sees no personal gain from this expedition. Though in truth he is loathe to abandon these people for the spirit of the wulfe calls him to stand with his pack. So he simply climbs up in a hammock and settles in for a nap. Several other members of the pack are below deck with him. Though not officers many of them still take a very serious interest in the future of the guild. Emritt being one of these comes climbing down from above, having just been tangled up in a mess of pipes and power conduits. dangling from a rather large valve he startles Herrdoctor (no easy task for his senses are rather acute) "Whats all the ruckus on deck about?" he asks.

"The guild is heading to Three Barrel Cove." was all the doctor would provide.

Emritt, being very intelligent, immediatly realizes the situation. "You think it's suicide don't you?"

"No just not worth the risk" the doctor looks annoyed at being pestered by the young drow.

"It couldn't be that risky, after all we have the ship and there are many of us" Emritt says.

"It's the ship that is at the greatest risk, the pirates have ships of their own and now are building siege weapons."

Emritt looks ponderous, "So you think we shouldn't go? Or you just don't want to be here when the fighting starts?"

"I didn't say that....don't you have work to do?" the doctor snaps.

Rolling his eyes (though you couldn't tell through his goggles) Emritt drops down from the valve to land gently on the floor and runs swiftly up the ramp leading to the middle deck.

Back up on the main deck the officers are still debating on how to approach this problem. Fairfield thinks they should fly high over the island and feather fall down to face them. "We'll be out of range of their weapons and we can land safely to fight them up close."

Blime nods and says "That sounds like a good idea-"

Hethar, who has been quiet untill now interupts. "It's a terrible idea."

"Why is that?" Returns Fairfield.

Hethar tosses her hair and smiles. Saying nothing she takes off her wide brimmed hat with it's massive plumage and drops it over the side. Since everyone knows how much she loves that hat they all go clambering over to the rail to watch as the hat floats away. "See how the wind carries it away. It doesn't just fall straight down. We aren't even all that high up, nor are we moving. If we just dive off the side we'd be out of controll and easy targets for them as we float on down. Probably ending up stranded in Shargon's Teeth." She snaps her fingers and the hat returns to her head.

Fairfield looks a bit put out but smiles and says "Good point. How do you propose we approach this?"

Hethar looks down at the water and thinks for a moment. "We should hide beneath the waves."

"She's gone daft, that one. Been sippin on to much of that elven wine!" blurts out Taheghi.

Janta looks quite alarmed. "What about the intake ports to the cooling system. I can't be letting you get salt water in there. We'd be overheating for weeks."

Hethar raises her hands in defense of all the sudden outbursts of objection. It is Vihn however who stops then all with a thick and hearty laugh. "Can ya do ih'?" is all she asks.

"Of coarse I can." she replies.

Everyone looks to Blime...

"Sounds good to me. If you can surround us with an air bubble and we aproach the island underwater we can pop up from the wave and catch them by surprise. We'll drop off a few parties. One to take out the ballistas and another to move up to the pirates airship dock and try to bring down their ship. If they have other ships in the sky they'll be high above us and would have to drop altitude to engage us. By that time we'll have the ship turned around and back underwater."

There was a mixture of reactions but Blime has made up his mind and was already starting to put forth his plan into action. "Hethar, what do you need to pull this off?"

"The magic used to submerge the ship requires a small model rudder to be made. Vergennes has the skills to carve that out of wood. They ship will be controlled from that rudder while underwater rather than the helm. I also need the assistance of Aaslynn our druid elemental to keep the air bubble around our ship fresh. Normally this would not be needed as the spell provides enough air for most ships to take beneith the waves but our ship however houses more people than just her crew. We have too many members on board to sustain without her help.

"What about Ellzbeth? She also can controll the air?" asks Blime.

"She's more the fly and fry kind" Jeereekee interjects.

"True, then how do we find Aaslynn? She is not aboard." returns Blime.

Amerigin sighs, thinking that these pups will never learn. He stands up and lets out a piercing howl that hushes the whole ship.

"Right....the wolf thing..." Blime looks almost embarrised for not thinking of that sooner.

Only a brief moment passes before several more people apear on the deck. Teleporting in are a group known well by the veteran officers: Annahmaurah, holding a handfull of scrolls, was the one who teleported the group in. Darmore, a devout healer of the Sovereign host. Tamrus, a sharp eyed sniper who has little to say but is never out of range to help. Ellzbeth the air savant who, though cute and sweet, has a temper and does not hesitate to express her anger in the form of huge lightning bolts. Guurtrude, Rojar's wife, a powerfull half orc barbarian who is far smarter than she apears having spent much of her life around artificers and crafters. And finally Aaslynn, the druid Hethar mentioned, who many believe is not actually human but some form of spirit from nature. Only the other druids know for sure and they aren't talking about it.

The arrival of these members sparks a hushed discussion on the deck. These guild mates have often been distant and kept to themselves but are very loyal and will always join up with the pack whenever the need arises. Darmore, the unofficial leader of this small group comes forward to Blime. They are old friends and both followers of the Sovereign Host and are often found talking on the side concerning guild issues other matters of import.

Darmore salutes, "Reporting sir!" Always the strict and military type, he seldom lets himself be seen relaxed.

Blime returns his salute, "Glad you could join us Darmore. We are preparing for an assault on Three Barrel Cove. You have been there far more than I have and any assistance your team can offer would be aprreciated."

"Tamrus and Aaslynn just returned from there on a scouting mission" he responds. "They will likely have some helpfull information"

Tamrus steps forward and speaks softly so that everyone on the deck has to lean forward to hear. "The pirates have fortified the island with ballista and have gotten very good at using them however they are not well defended and we were able to commendeer one of them to use against their own ships. Aaslynn and I barely got out alive however. There seem to be dozens of airships patrolling the skies and thousands of pirates on the ground. They use zip lines to drop more ground support in and have devastating mage fire cannons on all their ships. Making a ground only assualt a difficult task." He continues, "I saw Mehujael there fighting off one of the ships alone. It was not going well for him. He was captured and was being led away but I sent a few arrows over his way to help. One to cut his bonds and they others to pin the pirates to the ground. Last we saw of him he was fleeing into the jungle."

The officers all seem somewhat disturbed by this. Vihn speeks up, "We've wasted enough time. Geh' thes ship a movin!"

As the Winter's Den begins to turn about, heading north toward Three Barrel Cove, the Wulfepack goes back to behaving normally. Hethar and Aaslynn begin to discuss plans for safely taking the airship below the waves and Darmore, Blime and Vihn continue to discuss tactics. Tamrus departs to the lower decks and is followed by a mischievous looking Vergennes. Janta pops back through his tiny access door to continue work on the ship, thinking it was a bad idea to leave Emritt alone down there. The rest of the guild officers return to their previous conversations or just go on sitting quietly sorting through their gear, preparing for the comming day.


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Reply Tamrus
6:50 PM on December 9, 2014 
Whittling is the word you need I believe.
Thanks for the spell check jim
Reply Janta
6:20 PM on December 9, 2014 
Great story, David. Really enjoying the storyline and I'm steadily looking for more.
One knee-jerk editorial nag that I'm going to blame on being married to an editor for decades. This: 'Vergennes, who has been widdling on a peice of soarwood the whole time, stands up and with a fierce expression boasts confidently,...'
The vision this conjures up was not exactly what you were aiming for I don't think, though it has a certain je ne sais quoi that arises.
widdle (ˈwɪdəl)
1. (Physiology) (intr) to urinate
2. (Physiology) urine
3. (Physiology) an act or instance of urinating
[C20: from piddle]
Collins English Dictionary ? Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003
Past participle: widdled
Gerund: widdling

Whittling is the word you need I believe.