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Jan 2015 Guild Leader Message

Posted by Blime on January 10, 2015 at 3:45 PM

Hope everyone had a great holiday and remember to share the loot in 2015. This message is just an update of where the guild is and where we plan on going. My next one will be around April 2015.


Active Accounts: 83 (was 79)

In Active Accounts: 31

Guild Account Size: 55 (was 46)

Renown Total: 24,888,953 (was 21,607,164)

Guild Lvl: 80 (was 75)

Guild Bank:


Plat: 1,014,800 (We have no need for more Plat)

Shards: 143 (We need 100's of shards for the future)


Wanting to buy at our level:


Grand Reliquary Upgrade – 275 Shards (can’t do till LVL 85)




Our primary goal is that we have fun while playing. If there is any problems please let any officer or myself know.


In 2015 we are committed to start running the following raids:

Fall of Truth – Epic Gianthold

Chronoscope – Heroic and Epic Marketplace

Von – Epic and Heroic house K


We will start scheduling these raids in January and ask that as many members as possible to participate. The best thing to do is to get one character to the epic levels so that you always have one to use for raiding. It was decided that raids are an item event and not an XP event. We are currently flagging members for Fall of Truth. Ask an officer for help if you want to get flagged.


Why Fall of Truth? Most players have CITW (Caught in the Web) weapons and many players of flawless dragon armour. These can all be upgraded using Commendations of Heroism. These commendations are only found in FOT and CITW. FOT has a guaranteed drop and is an easier raid.


Our next goal is to grow the guild. This will remain a high level goal until we can consistently have enough members available for raids. All officers are encouraged to spend at least 20 mins every 2 weeks on active recruiting. Currently Sarlona is the default server for new players so this is the time to build our ranks. All others members are also encouraged to ask other players not in a guild if they would like to join us. This can be done while pugging.

Above and Beyond

I would like to highlight the work that Maaku has been doing for the guild. He created and ran a guild renown contest. On top of this he has created an Augment type bank. If you need an augment he may be able to help you. From all the members of The Wulfepack thank you Maaku.

Wrapping Up:

We do have the best guild in DDO and I am proud to be called your leader. If you have any ideas to improve the guild let an officer know.


Thanks for reading and I will see you all in the game.


Blime, Lakeside, Toasthead, Northernboy, DarkGeddy, and Youburn

AKA Lino

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1 Comment

Reply Maaku
2:17 PM on January 11, 2015 
Thank you very much :D soon I hope to have better prizes for the contest to make it even more desirable to take part in lol.