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Legend of the Wolf; the Begining

Posted by ironwulfe on April 9, 2015 at 8:55 PM

I was human once, a rogue just enjoying life and adventure. And loot, lets not ever forget the loot, ever. Loot and fresh deer, the two most delightful tastes in the world, so to speak.

And this brings me to the reason for telling this story. I was hungry for my second favorite thing, this being the fresh deer of course. River and I went hunting. River is my cat, I found her while hunting a couple of years earlier. Normally I would leave a baby animal where I found it knowing the mother would be back to care for it. But this time I knew the mother would not return for I had found her dieing from a trappers poisoned jaw trap. (That kind of trapper needs to die the way they kill animals in my opinion.) River is not my pet, she is my friend and the local children all love her as much as their fathers fear her!

The foothills of the Stormhorns is teaming with fresh game. I like to hunt with naked gear, what I mean is gear without the taint of magic. Now don't get me wrong, magic is a fine and wonderful thing for helping against ogres and dragons and such. When it comes to the hunt, however, I like my prey to have at least a slight chance against my tracking skills and bow.

This day, nearly a century ago, on the first day of Festivult, I wanted away from the crowds in Stormreach. And I was so ready for some good meat not raised in a sty. i had set up my camp before nightfall the evening before and fell asleep with just a fur between me and the cold hard ground and a large panther curled against my leg.

I woke late, the sun was already shining. Though that which woke me wasn't the sun on my face. I had “heard” , I have no better word for it, the hunting howl of a wolf. 'Twas unlike any wolf I had ever heard in this forest. And I heard it deep within my chest. I lay there for a few minutes thinking I had woken from a nightmare I could not remember.

I heard the howl once more. Loud, it hurt my ears. The reverberations made my chest ache. I was fully awake and alert now. No longer was this a mere hunting trip to get away from the stinking city. Now I was on an Adventure! I quickly ate some pemmican as I made sure last nights fire was completely out, no forest fires on my account. Then gathered what little gear I had brought and set out in search of the wolf. I had no doubt this would be a challenge I had never seen the likes of.

A fortnight I followed that howl, it led me deeper into the forest than I thought was possible. It was much later I realized the forest did not extend nearly that far but I was young and excited and Adventuring! Every night I went to bed with a faint howl in my ears, every morning I was awakened by a howl that sent fear and excitement burning through my bones. I would go through my morning rituals and head out after the wolf I knew would be worth finding. River would look at me as if to say”You're an idiot human.” And truthfully I couldn't even understand why I was hunting a wolf of any kind let alone one that promised to be my death.

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4:33 PM on May 26, 2015 
Good one Randy