The Wulfepack

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Posted by Tamrus on June 8, 2015 at 11:40 PM

Rojar Markrog is actually only a quarter orc. He is son of Gojar Markrog, the only ever half-orc chief of the Krog clan. Gojar was born of a brutal relationship between a captive human female and Chief Gukdar. This woman was no damsel in deistress. She killed every orc warrior that tried to take her virtue. It was not until Gojar's father promised her freedom in exchange for her hand that she submited. When she became pregnant however she feared the clans reprisal and kept the child a secret in the chiefs hut. Gojar's mother was killed for hiding him and Gojar himself raised as a warrior in the clan. After Gojar became Chief he took a human mate. The Krog clan feared a thinning of the bloodline and exiled Gojar and his new bride.

Living in a small cottage outside of Stormreach, Rojar was raised by his mother. He resented his father and hates other orcs. He hunts them down and massacres them wherever he finds them. He is constantly hunting for his father to take revenge on him for what he considers his cursed blood. No Orc has survived meeting him until one day, hunting the Gruul tribe outside of Stormreach, he meets Gurrtrude, an unexpected ally...and maybe more.

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