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Oct 2015 Guild Leader Message

Posted by Blime on October 7, 2015 at 2:00 PM

This message is just an update of where the guild is and where we plan on going. My next one will be around Jan 2016.




Active Accounts: 92 (was 84)

In Active Accounts: 38

Guild Account Size: 57 (was 59) (shrinkage)

Renown Total: 35,665,033 (was 32,151,651)

Guild Lvl: 90 (was 87)



Guild Bank:




Plat: 1,032,800 (We have no need for more Plat)

Shards: 393 (We have enough till LVL 120)


Wanting to buy for air ship:


Guild Storage IV – 55 Shards (Can't do till LVL 100)

Grand Reliquary Upgrade III – 325 Shards (can’t do till LVL 120)





Our main goals for the next quarter is to grow the guild and to finaly master some of the newer raids.





We have room for 1 new officers. If you are interested let me know. Remember one of our main goal is to expand the guild so we need people that are willing to recruit new members. You can also read in The code of The pact on the website the other duties expected of an officer.






We will be having another week of raids this October. Check the calendar for the schedule. We will be attempting some raids that we still have not completed as a guild so come on out and lend a hand.






I would suggest that all players try to maintain at least one character in the epic levels. Due to changes made awhile ago there is no real penalty for a Level 28 toon to group with a level 20 toon. So as long as you have an epic toon you can play most quests with other guildies.


I would also suggest that players let other players know what quest that they need to run to flag for a raid or complete a story arc etc. You can use guild chat to let others know. You may find other guildies that would happily assist you. I found this very useful when farming for some items. Just remember to keep the language clean on guild chat.




This quarter we plan on running a few events. In October there is the week of raids. November will see a trivia night. For December we are looking at running some quests together with twists involved to keep it interesting.


The trivia night will allow for many to get some great items from the bulging officer's chest. We will be asking for some information on the forums as we get nearer to the actual trivia night.




Remember to have fun this quarter. Halloween and Christmas etc are in this quarter. If I do not get to say it to you personally have yourselves a very Merry Christmas or Holiday season!

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Reply Mick
3:56 AM on November 1, 2015 
Good one Lino, appreciate the time you put in to making this the guild it is, cheers.