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Starting in June, I will be available to help people run the Devils Battefield quests for favor and flagging. If anyone is interested, reply to this topic and we'll figure out some dates. For those of you that can't commit to a certain date, I'll add dates to the calender that I know I'll be online. That way if you have free time and want to run them at the spur of the moment, we can. You can get the favor in four quests. Roughly an hour per. The potions are pretty nice:

The Yugoloth


 75 Favor



+2 stacking Dexterity

+6 Sneak Attack to hit (+4 after penalty)

-2 to Hit


+2 stacking Intelligence

regenerate 1 SP/6 seconds SP

-50% Fortification


+2 stacking Constitution

+20 stacking HP (total +40 with con bracket)

-5% melee speed


+2 stacking Wisdom

+4 Natural armor

-4 Reflex save


+2 stacking Strength

+8 Will save against Fear (+4 after penalty)

-4 Will save


+2 stacking Charisma

+8 Fortitude save against Poison (+4 after penalty)

-4 Fortitude save

MARK OF THE YUGOLOTH - 103pp 2g(28 haggle) Used in Cannith Crafting recipes, Attack Bonus +4.

The Raid LOOT:


Amara's Band - Ring: Wisdom +6, Exceptional Charisma +1, Exorcist of the Silver Flame, Incredible Potential

Ann Velsing's Band - Ring: Strength +6, Exceptional Charisma +1, Hunter of the Dead, Incredible Potential

Band of Siberys - Ring: Strength +6, Exceptional Charisma +1, Defender of Siberys, Incredible Potential

Calitomes' Ring - Ring: Charisma +6, Exceptional Dexterity +1, Air Savant, Incredible Potential

Cinder's Band - Ring: Strength +6, Exceptional Constitution +1, Stalwart Defender, Incredible Potential

Connor's Band - Ring: Dexterity +6, Exceptional Dexterity +1, Deepwood Sniper, Incredible Potential

Draconic Ring - Ring: Strength +6, Exceptional Constitution +1, Purple Dragon Knight, Incredible Potential

Dragonmarked Ring - Ring: Charisma +6, Exceptional Wisdom +1, Dragonmark Heir, Incredible Potential

Encrusted Ring - Ring: Strength +6, Exceptional Strength +1, Frenzied Berserker, Incredible Potential

Gilvenor's Ring - Ring: Dexterity +6, Exceptional Dexterity +1, Arcane Archer, Incredible Potential

Gnawed Ring - Ring: Strength +6, Exceptional Constitution +1, Occult Slayer, Incredible Potential

Kilau's Band - Ring: Dexterity +6, Exceptional Wisdom +1, Tempest, Incredible Potential

Kormor's Ring - Ring: Intelligence +6, Confounding Enchantment -- ( Random Exceptional Ability +1), Wild Mage, Incredible Potential

Kyosho's Ring - Ring: Wisdom +6, Exceptional Strength +1, Shintao Monk, Incredible Potential

Kyrian's Band - Ring: Charisma +6, Exceptional Strength +1, Fire Savant, Incredible Potential

Lorinthor's Ring - Ring: Strength +6, Exceptional Charisma +1, Knight of the Chalice, Incredible Potential

Morah's Band - Ring: Dexterity +6, Exceptional Dexterity +1Exceptional Dexterity +1: This item makes the wearer more nimble and dexterous, granting a bonus to Dexterity that stacks with all other bonuses except Exceptional Dexterity +1., Thief Acrobat, Incredible Potential

Morgana's Ring - Ring: Wisdom +6, Exceptional Strength +1, Warpriest, Incredible Potential

Nyoko's Band - Ring: Wisdom +6, Exceptional Dexterity +1, Ninja Spy, Incredible Potential

Oremi's Ring - Ring: Wisdom +6, Exceptional Constitution +1, Henshin Mystic, Incredible Potential

Radiant Ring - Ring: Wisdom +6, Exceptional Charisma +1, Radiant Servant, Incredible Potential

Rahkir's Ring - Ring: Intelligence +6, Exceptional Intelligence +1, Archmage, Incredible Potential

Ring of Deftness - Ring: Dexterity +6, Exceptional Intelligence +1, Mechanic, Incredible Potential

Ring of the Ravager - Ring: Strength +6, Exceptional Strength +1, Ravager, Incredible Potential

Sanura's Band - Ring: Intelligence +6, Exceptional Intelligence +1, Pale Master, Incredible Potential

Shiona's Seal - Ring: Charisma +6, Exceptional Dexterity +1, Spell Singer, Incredible Potential

Smedgar's Ring - Ring: Charisma +6, Exceptional Dexterity +1, Virtuoso, Incredible Potential

Telvi's Touch - Ring: Charisma +6, Exceptional Wisdom +1, Water Savant, Incredible Potential

Thamor's Ring - Ring: Charisma +6, Exceptional Constitution +1, Earth Savant, Incredible Potential

Verik's Ring - Ring: Strength +6, Exceptional Constitution +1, Kensai, Incredible Potential

Warchanter's Band - Ring: Charisma +6, Exceptional Strength +1, Warchanter, Incredible Potential

Whisper Ring - Ring: Dexterity +6, Exceptional Intelligence +1, Assassin, Incredible Potential

+4 Ability tomes (BTC)

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I am in Bob, Just let me know as I an on most nights


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May 8, 2015 at 6:37 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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David and I are both interested.  We can do most nights as long as it is after 9pm or 9:30pm.  And David seems to have weekends off so days are good then as well we would jsut need a time.


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Im on most nights. Mondays are not good for me.

“That night the wind was howling almost like a wolf and there were some real wolves off to the west giving it lessons.”

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