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Hello Pack, I need help building a Magic Missle casting Halfling Wizard.

Please be elaborate/detailed on the following:

-Starting Stats


-Feats; Including which metamagics i should take or if i should even take any

Which should I take?

Please remember that it is a Halfling Wizard. Thanks again gang, appreciate it.

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With Wizard Archmage you can get some nice force magic but two of your abilities don't scale fully with Spell power, Arcane Bolt and Arcane Blast are 50% Spell power. Metamagics are still handy, at least one of either maximize or empower and heighten are handy, extend if you like long lasting crowd control.

spell pen and spell focus evocation are a must, mental toughness and imp. mental toughness are great. Insightful reflexes as you want to make your int better than your dex, augmented summoning is handy

dump str and wis, cha isn't that important either, Int, Con and Dex in that order.

as for skills concentration and spell craft are most important but repair isn't a waste. whatever is left is up to you.

Halflings with the dragonmark of healing can be somewhat self sufficient with some minor healing

orb and scepter or staffs are better for Archmage, don't dual wield scepters.

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INT is really the only stat that is important for a WIZ. All other stats is whatever you like. I would only say that CON is not a dump stat.

For Feats you want Empower, Maximize, Evocation focus, Mental toughness and improved mental toughness. I would also include heighten.

Skills are whatever you want after spellcraft

Take mainly from the archmage tree for Evocation slas.

I would do some Palemaster to get at least vampire form so you can heal yourself.

Then release the dogs of war.

PS: for a magic missle mage there is no big things you can do to mess it up if you follow advice above.


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If you are building a 28 point build, Id make INT 18, CON 14,  STR, DEX, & WIS 10 and CHA 8. DEX is naturally 10. The slight bump in STR is to help against being enfeebled and the slight boost in WIS is for saves. All level ups go in INT.

IF you can make a 32 point build Id bump CON to 16

Lino and David covered Feats quite well. One thing I'd consider though is that Empower Heal is the only metamagic that boosts Greater Dragonmark of healing. IF you got room it will help you heal yourself better.

Spell power is the most important skill for sure. Heal helps with both Dragon mark healing and Pale master healing, so its a nice one to take. I personally like Jump - take it on most of my characters if I can. One thign I'd say though, pick your skills at creation and take the same ones at every level. Every skill you choose should be at 23 ranks by level 20.

When looking for items focus on things that build up Force spell power and Force crit chance.

Good luck!!!


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Like Victor said, Dragonmark healing can be very effective for halflings and cost 0 spell points so you can spend those SP on more devestating spells, because at higher levels Magic Missles don't cut it for most enemies. The Spell like abilities save you sp but Disintegrate and Prismatic Spray are highly effective for a force mage. Also since force spell power effects untyped and physical damage, spells like Ice Storm, Frost Lance and most improtantly Meteor Swarm have physical damage as well as elemental effects that will do much more damage. I tend not to spend my action points into PM for self healing since the SP cost is too much and better to be more effective at nuking things.

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As you want to be a magic missle mage I would seriously look at splashing 4 levels of FvS. You would get an 8% chance to crit with force and fire spells plus everytime you crit you can get temp spell points which will go along way in extending your spell point pool.

You will also need to run in Sharidi to be the most effective. This will allow you to add some crowd control and the ability to proc other damage with every attack roll. Chain missles will be your best friend.

A sharidi mage is very effective in epic content. Just remember you want to focus on attacks that give multiple chance to proc the different 7% chance of damage per roll.


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