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Though this is not a build in itself it is very important for all INT based classes including Wiz, Arti, Rogues etc. Below I outline how to get the max INT score for a WIZARD. The goal is not to use everything listed as you would be a one trick pony but instead to be aware of whats available so you can maximize your INT score. As a wizard your INT score dictates your spell DC and spell points.

20 Base (drow or sun elf)
7 tome
7 levels (4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28)
2 completionist
3 epic feats
2 drow enhancements (6 enhancement points min investment)
6 palemaster enhancements (2 tree, 4 lich form (shroud of the archlich), 2 capstone, 41 enhancement points min investment)
4 harper (24 enhancement points min investment)
10 epic (6 from destiny and 4 from twists--notice we're already up to 61 and we HAVEN'T GOTTEN TO GEAR YET)
11 Enhancement item
1 exceptional item
4 insightful item (Mythic Arcane Armor)
2 profane (epic litany of the dead)
2 ship buffs
2 yugo pot
2 lasting potion of fox's shrewdness (available through remnants so this is not a pay-only buff any more)

plus 2 Inspire Excellence (need a bard for this one, though)

I have never built a toon that maxed out like this. For one I do not have an epic completionist so I do not have 4 twists slots. Also I believe there are many other twists available that are very helpful to a wizard. You also want to have an INT score that is an even number as you get nothing extra for odd numers.


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