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I'm constantly being told "look on the website."  So, I came on to find out what MOD stood for, as it is the raid tonight.  I can't even find any information on the raid, let alone what it stands for! I tried the calendar, forums, and home page.  I am at a loss.


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Yeah, I don't like using the initials of the Raid in the Guild Announcement. MOD stands for Mark of Death. It is the Epic Raid in the Orchard. I know a little late with the info, but I just saw this..

my suggestion for the best place to find out these things is Google. If you google "ddo mod" the first thing on the llist is Mark of death.

I used to change the message of the day when it listed Raids using only their initials. I will start doing that again.

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Ah Man,

It is so much easier to use initials., just trying to leave room for more info. 


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Chaos Paradox
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Ddo wiki

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