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Hello humans and the odd lycanthrope :P

Believe it or not I been on here a few years now and the eternal quandry that faces all the guilds on all serservs is

1. Guild chest (why)

2. guild participation in events


As an ex member of some well known guilds on this server I thought i might impart some of my experience in those guilds in this matter, so please indulge me as I tell you how i see this problem and its solution. The mercurical nature of guilds are such that not everyone is on at the same time and even then REAL LIFE has a habbit of bumping you off this game for whatever reason.

Guild chests in principle are a good idea to share the wealth and help others by giving what you dont want to other guildies, unfortunatlely as in all things you will always get people who take advantage of others peoples generosity for there own personal gain. Well its a fact of life i'm affraid.

I have always posted the fact that officers should see who put in or took out from a guild chest but that takes a lot of progamming apparently as also is actually  seeing who puts renown in a guild (but thats a discussion for a different day):D 

So what do we do to solve this?

my solution is this

get rid of the chest ... drastic but solves a problem of people complaining about it. If you dont dont it but its too valuable heres a suggestion to kill two birds with one stone

1 set up a weekly prize fund for a topic which people will log on for and participate in

eg Joke of the week where ppl have to post a joke and ppl vote on it and the winner gets a prize that would be in the chest like madstone rod, collapsed portable GS inged collapsed portable hole or cash and if it takes off then add second and third prize. We all put in and share that way and people log on site to participate.

other suggestions would be:-

Guild song of the week

most active player of the week measured by sibery shards for example which they have to turn into a designated officer of the week

most helpfull guildie of the week ....errr no forget that ill never win that one (cast invisibility on this line)

This idea also attracts new players to our guild if you advertise it as part of being with us :D

Anyway i hope you get the idea and broadcast it on login (if you think any of this is a good idea)

Any feed back would be appreciated as I gave up drinking for half an hour to think and type this 8)

Thanks for reading, Be safe be happy and dont foul the pavement you naughty wolf

listening to simple minds (the band that is)






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I do think the contest idea is a good one and I volunteer kermie to do it lol since it was his idea, ALL IN FAVOR?


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Kermit, thanks for the post and also for talking a half hour away from the drinking, appreciate the effort! I think this is a good idea as at a basic level if it is causing strife then we have to ask if its worth it. There are a couple of other ways we can distribute good equipment to guildies such as guild chat, forum posts etc, and if that means that some people cant take advantage of the system, all the better. I would be disappointed if the kit I put intro the chest was sold off just for coins, especially as some of that is relatively hard to come by, I would rather people just said "I need a nice X" rather than I will take good kit to sell to buy X from the AH.

Anyway just my 2 pence (UK currency conversion there)




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I am sorry but I don't like either ideas.  I don't want to get rid of the chest because that is unfair to others.  And I don't like the idea of only using it for contests because items won in contests can easily be given in trade and also it wont keep people out of the chest.  It is there to help people!  We are already narrowing down who we believe it is and they will be booted.  And if it happends again we will reboot but the chest has a purpose and it is working and I don't want that purpose taken away.  I am one of the people who regularly puts stuff in and have even bought stuff for the chest to help others and I want others to be able to access it for needs.  It would be fun to have contests but the guild chest should not be a part of that.  


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I believe a combination of these ideas would help. Contest for named and unique loot would be fun and helpfull and using mail and trade to transfer reward rather than the chest. This would in turn limit the chest to less valuable, random gen loot and some common things like augments. I suggest people limit the things they add to the chest and start coming up with ideas for games to play (I like hide and seek)


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I have always liked hide and seek and Lino said something about a fashion show and also trivia can be fun too.


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I agree with David on this.  I really like the contest ideas, and i too think it would be more secure if we give prizes in person and not keep them stored in chest.  Perhaps Lino or someone designated can hold prize items in a Bank toon's account (Treasurer) :). Just  an idea. We can discuss more at the next meeting.  Trivia nights would be awesome! The good news is that the chest is a Happy one now.  We caught the burglar and he has been ejected from the guild.  


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