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About Me

Im me what else is there to say?

35 years old
About Me

Hello!  My name is Jay and I am happy to be part of the pack :)  I am a casual DDO player that started playing a few years ago in grad school but still only have what I consider a "moderate" level of experience.  I am very much enjoying learning higher level content with this guild.  My main times for playing are on Tuesdays and Saturdays and I would like to find a group that plays semi-regularly on Tuesdays.  My characters are:

Wolfbrother - AA Elf Ranger/Fighter (main) (not yet converted over to this guild from my solo guild Children of the Wolf)

Trypwyre - WF Sorcerer

Dontpanic I Have a Towel - Human Healer Cleric

Chastityward - Human Battle Cleric/Fighter

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