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Hey Folks!

First off, if you are new to the guild let me tell you that I have belonged to several guilds across every server and this is the best guild around! Yes, you have found a home.

A little about me: My name is Victor and I played AD&D first and second edition back in the mid-eighties. (Yes, I’m that old). DDO is my AD&D fix, you might say. I have a lovely wife and three grown daughters. I have a degree in Christian Theology that I have never used except for some international mission work and I make my living providing technical services for small businesses, a field I have never received any formal training in.

My Characters in DDO include:

Augon (Fighter-Kensai) Augon was a character I played in Dungeons and Dragons and the name actually predates that for me. I think I made up the name way back in elementary school. Augon is a fighter in every since of the word. Bold, strong, and very direct. The kinda guy you want to have in a fight, but the kinda guy that really needs a good cleric at his back.

Vitrin: (Ranger-Arcane Archer/Rogue) Vitrin was also a character I played in D&D. In that world he was the half brother of Augon. Vitrin is an archer. He can fight with a sword. But rarely if ever uses one. He’s the kind of archer that sleeps with his bow and pampers it like a pet. In game you will find him in the backfield pumping paralyzing arrows into your enemies so you can kill them at your leisure. He may not end the quest with the most kills. But he probably put an arrow in each and every enemy you came up against.

Allaric: (Wizard-Palemaster/Rogue) Allaric was born when I wanted to test my hand at a barbarian. I found a story about an ancient barbarian whose name was Allaric. I hated playing a barbarian but loved the name. I re-rolled him as a Drow wizard/rogue. Allaric was born in an unusually untamed area of the underdark in a Drow barbarian clan. His family had high hopes that their eldest son would become a great barbarian. They even named him after a famous barbarian from History. As it turned it, Allaric was weak in body but strong in mind. He was shunned by his clan for his bodily weakness but hooked up with a group of rogues. He learned a little of their ways but eventually befriended a wizard who began his magical training. Allaric still has some skills he learned from the rogues but is primarily a wizard that specializes in the necromantic arts.

Dhakenshaup (Rogue-Acrobat) As with Allaric, the name Dhakenshaup was created for a build that I ended up changing, although not quite as much. Dhakenshaup is a semi-homophone of the phrase “Dark and Sharp”. He was to be a Dark elf assassin that uses rapiers. Then the new enhancement line came out and I loved the Acrobat tree. Dhak is now my Acrobat. Dhakenshaup was the only other Drow elf in the company of rogues that Allaric had been a part of. After Allaric left the group, Dhak remained for a time but altimately left to seek his own fortune. A talented trapper and locksmith as well as an aggressive fighter. It is always better to have this rogue on your side rather than opposed to you.

Diviciacus (Druid-Nature’s Warrior) the name Diviciacus is also historical. One of the first named Druids in history was named Diviciacus (according to Wikipedia). Not much is known of this reclusive nature’s warrior, however. Just know when you hear a howl in the wind, it may be so much more than a wolf.

Taheghi (Cleric-Radiant Servant) Taheghi was created as a fighter for our guild role-play group. However, the group hasn’t yet taken off. When we received the +20 hearts of wood I decided to re-roll him as a Cleric. His back-story reflects that “Conversion). Taheghi is a Lesnikra Dwarf from the Heirigartin islands. Lesnikras are a beardless forest dwelling dwarf that use axes that are much larger than the typical Dwarven Axe. Taheghi was a powerful warroir of his clan and was the pride of his people. That is until he met an elf named Tairlyn. Tahghi and Tarilyns forbidden romance was brought to an abrupt end when she was kidnapped by pirates. Taheghi negotiated passage on the next ship and set out to rescue his love. In the course of his travels, Taheghi became associated with the church of the Sovereign Host and left his violent axe wielding days behind and prefers assisting his colleagues with healing and support rather than directly participating in the drawing of blood. He still feverishly searches for his love, Tairlyn.

Curtislowe (Bard) Curitslowe was the finest picker that ever played the blues.

Coerdoban (Sorcerer-Air Savant)



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