The Wulfepack

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The Tale of the Wulfepack

Anthems & Origins

Friends and Shores Unknown

Our lives' tapestries had but one common thread,

Via fate, fortune, or purpose - to Stormreach we did ride.

Oh this land! Deneithian horns! Kundarak bankers' rich bread;

the Twelve watching. Now met with fair companions at side!

Wait! A gathering of souls. A bond. A guild! The Wulfepack!

Borne from need (kill or be felled!), some see more...

Allies, nay friends! - jests kissed with kindness - scrying our track;

Reysalon's heights, gloom of Sschindylryn, parched Sands, the Fens' moor.

Wulfepack! Leaders beget leaders, aged teach young;

Wulfepack! Lives re-lived, favor earned, tales retold!

Family! Journeys many, failures bested by fun!

Family! All are welcome - crafty, wise, and most bold.

Dear guildmates, what's missing? What awaits at day's end?

A fit home for our Wulfepack - Haven! - Ship! - Winter's Den!



                                                                                  ~ Vergennes

The Battle Of Evermore
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